Peter Island in the News

Video: Checking in to Peter Island, The Iconic Private Island Resort

"This could be a country."

That's the thought you have surveying the natural wonders of Peter Island, a private island that feels even bigger than its nearly 1800 acres.

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How to Make Peter Island's Ginger Lemonade

What makes arriving at a private-island resort even sweeter? In the British Virgin Islands, it's the welcome beverage served to guests at Peter Island Resort & Spa.

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The Best Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations

The British Virgin Islands - Looking for an unforgettable family adventure?

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Where to celebrate 4th of July outside of the US

British Virgin Islands: Looking for something foreign, tropical and not too crowded? This 1,800-acre private island resort in the BVIs fits the bill.

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The 27 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

What defines a beautiful beach? For some, it's the whiteness of the sand and the clarity of the water. For others, it's the ruggedness of the coast and the power of the waves.

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The Best Luxury Resorts in the Caribbean

Peter Island - The leading hotel in the British Virgin Islands, this private island retreat's standout is its raw natural beauty - unless you want to talk about what may be the most beautiful spa in the Caribbean.

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Calling It: This Caribbean Paradise is About to Be a Mecca for Travelers

For decades, the British Virgin Islands have been a playground for the elite and for travelers in the know. Perhaps best known as Richard Branson's idyllic home and Barack Obama's famed kiteboarding spot, its sapphire-hued inlets and scattered powder-white islands have been somewhat difficult to reach for U.S. travelers with limited PTO - until now.

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The Best Breakfast in the British Virgin Islands

If you're planning a trip to Peter Island, the private island resort in the BVI, trust us when we tell you that there's only one thing to order for breakfast.

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Peter Island's Sunset Loop Experience

It's called the Sunset Loop experience.

And there's only one place you can have it.

And that's at Peter Island, the private-island resort in the British Virgin Islands.

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Where to Honeymoon in the U.S. Depending on the Month You Said "I Do"

After the stress of wedding planning and the endless slew of tiny decisions you make leading up to the big day, packing your bags to head on your honeymoon can feel like a much-needed sigh of relief. 

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